Get the support and space you need to plan your next quarter and create your new life around some badass and loving individuals.



I get it! I used to feel so lost with so many big dreams in my head and I didn't know where to begin. That's why I invented the CREATE YOUR LIFE Quarter Planning and Life Creation Workshops! 


I will take you from chaos to clarity. It's a NEW quarter and I'm asking you to take a few hours, sit down with others, reflect on what you'd like for the upcoming quarter and WRITE IT DOWN. There is so much POWER in writing it down.

And I get it, you might be thinking, "What if I write my goals down and I don't achieve them?" That's okay! It's better to write them down and take an inch step closer to your goals than writing down NOTHING and staying in the same place. The compound effect will kick in and you will be more ahead by creating a goal and writing it down than if you didn't. Little bits add up in the long run = The Compound Effect!

Get the support and space you need to create your new year around some badass and loving individuals.

  • What if your life can be even better?
  • What if you can create whatever it is that you want this quarter?
  • What if you were happier at the end of this quarter?
  • What else is possible for your life that you cannot even imagine?


  • Are sick of NOT having the life you want and deserve and are ready for something new and exciting to look forward to!
  • Are in a current state of paralysis, never knowing how to start and write down your big dreams. 
  • Aren't quite clear on how to move forward this quarter, and you just need a little encouragement to write it all down. 
  • Feel like you're staying in the same spot in life, and you're ready and excited for MORE!
  • Can't seem to convert your life to where you feel like it can be, and you're fed up with the same thing over and over again. 
  • Wake up to excited to open your eyes, without feeling exhausted and unmotivated.
  • Know how to confidently create your life and build the life and family of your dreams. 
  • Be around other like-minded individuals who know that life has so much more to offer than what they're getting. 
  • Fill your calendar with a plan for your big dreams so that you and your family can create the schedule of your dreams. 
  • Get out of the rut you're in and start moving clearly towards you and your family's goals and dreams.
...don't worry. I have been facilitating these workshops for many, many years. I have a tried and tested formula that makes getting your life to where you want to go a reality. 
  • 1-page plan for this quarter that you can use as a map to guide you for the year to keep you on track.
  • 1 page Vision Statement. Think of this as a vision board but in words for this quarter that you can recite every day!
  • Live 3 hour workshop (either in person or virtual) with yours truly and other like-minded individuals.
  • Safe and supportive environment to work and think about your quarter.
  • Homework emailed to you to complete before the mastermind and workshop. 


Joanna Vargas creates her life. A powerhouse entrepreneur right out of high school, Joanna never worked corporate and chose the path less traveled. At 20 years old she formed her corporation, took all of her savings and produced a dance showcase in Hollywood called The King of Pop. With Joanna’s quick (some might say crazy) work ideas, this venture quickly turned into a dance competition called Maxt Out now going on its 20th year.

Using keen street smarts and with no professional business training, she created Jayvee Dance studio by the time she was 24 and built that business to 700 students. A true serial entrepreneur, Joanna sold that dance studio and prepared to design her next download (from The Universe).

Joanna recognized a gap in conversations about mindset and physical form when it came to fitness and responded with the solution, The Fit Factor Studio; a wildly successful brick and mortar fitness studio catering to women, their mindset and living fully. In the process, Joanna’s own work-life philosophy, built on the principles of asking better questions and getting really curious about life, inspired her to make the choice to close the physical doors and go completely virtual with The Live Fully Academy. Now serving women all over the world with her Three F’s; Form, Fundamentals and Fun, a new thought leader for Gen X and Millennial women.

Known for her open book candor and positive vibe, Joanna proposed to her city that she start a 5K run, it was then the Pumpkin Run 1K/5K/10K Halloween event was born. Her superpower is getting butts in seats, and this run brings 1,500 runners every year with no paid advertisements (a little fun fact for our fellow entrepreneurs). By the time she was 32 she was running four businesses and choosing for her. With learning how to choose herself, she now facilitates other female business owners to do the same. 

This summer Joanna launched two new podcasts - The Get Up Girl and Dance Your LifeThe Get Up Girl is a rally cry for all the women who are different and were taught to choose for others, who are now ready to Get Up and choose for themselves. Dance Your Life is a podcast of dance conversations, for dancers, by dancers and developed to educate dancers all over the world with stories and wisdom.

Awarded Woman of the Year Congressional Honor by Congressman Adam Schiff and Woman of the Year Congressional Honor by Judy Chu, Joanna is a well respected female business owner and creator. Named Business of the Year by her city along with many other business awards, Joanna has earned her way to the frontlines of business during times when choosing yourself and the roads less traveled were not celebrated. With the entirety of her career devoted to inspiring her sisters to wake up and live fully, 2021 is poised to be Joanna’s biggest year yet. The Get Up Girl is her latest creation to surpass her upper limits and expand energetically to avenues she hasn’t discovered yet, and YOU are invited for the ride as she redefines what getting back up really looks and feels like. 



"Before working with Joanna, I was walking through life on autopilot not recognizing the strength I had within me. With the mindset tools I've learned from her, I now see the powerful leader that's always been within me!”

-Tanyada Soonthon

"I'm not sure. I can do this on my own and I am not sure yet what to write for my goals." 


...I get it, and do I? 

So here's where it's going to get really exciting, YOU'RE RIGHT.

You're never going to be ready. Just start. Start messy. Are you willing to start and not know what it'll look like yet? Look girls, after 10 years of creating my Quarter Plans on paper, I can tell you that I've always changed things throughout the year and I am closer to my dream life than I've ever been. Are you in? It's a fun ride for the right gal who is willing to go all in for several hours during our workshop!

Whether you're new to this or you've written 20 quarter plans, this can change your life...if you let it. If you bring the work ethic and commitment and stop farting around and trust the process, your life can grow steadily and continuously. You can make some real change. 

“Working with Joanna has helped me discover new depths to my ability and willingness to grow. Before working with her I was stuck wondering if I was on the right track and now every choice I make is deliberate and I am creating exactly what I want. This is the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.”

       -Myrna Davalos


Join the Create Your Life Quarter Planning Workshop:

TWO Ways to JOIN:  IN-PERSON or our VIRTUAL's up to you!


Sunday, July 11th, 10am - 2pm PST

  • Create your 1 page plan for this quarter
  • Create your 1 page Vision Statement for this quarter
  • 3-hour workshop in person workshop
  • Safe and supportive environment 
  • Homework to complete before the workshop


Sunday, July 18th, 10am - 1pm PST

  • Create your 1 page plan for this quarter
  • Create your 1 page Vision Statement for this quarter
  • 3-hour workshop
  • Safe and supportive environment 
  • Homework to complete before the workshop
    Link to join emailed after you register